Top 5 Tips for Newborn Photography

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New life is one of the most amazing gifts to mankind when you think about what a miracle it is to create another human in 9 months. As a parent myself, I couldn't get enough pictures of my kids when they were babies. Everything about them is so precious and they change so fast from the minute they are born. One way to capture these changes is to take lots of pictures to document their changes. One fun way is to take one picture for 365 days and create a collage or album of your new member of the family. These pictures are cherished and shared more then any other types of pictures and a wonderful gift to grandparents as well as your baby when they grow up.

A newborn baby only cries when they are uncomfortable about something. They would much rather sleep then cry and only cry when something is bothering them. I always like to get a few pictures when they are crying but the best pictures are when they are sleeping like a sweet angel! Here are 5 tips on taking newborn pictures.

Feeding: Hunger is the usually the first thing a newborn experiences when they are unhappy. I'm always blown away on how a brand new baby will know how to suck and drink from mom as soon as they are born. They know instantly that eating will make their hunger go away so its important to have your baby well fed. If they have a full tummy, they will fall asleep.

Burping: In the urgency of consuming milk as fast as possible, newborns tend to get gas and quickly feel the uncomfortable as trapped gas is very painful. Even if your newborn falls asleep while nursing, its important to still burp your newborn as it will allow her/him to sleep peacefully!

Diaper: A newborn tends to soil their diaper shortly after eating and its good to know that because if you change their diaper promptly, you can avoid that uncomfortable feeling that causes them to cry. You may have doubts of changing them as they sleep but you will avoid a rash and a much sounder long sleep if they have a dry diaper on.

Temperature: Having the right temperature for your newborn is key. Just like adults, babies can't fall asleep when they are too cold or too hot. If their feet feels cold, then they are cold. If their head is all sweaty, then they are too hot. Touch your newborn and figure out how they feel.

Clothing: Newborn skin is precious and showing some skin is better then covering it all up. Have your newborn wear clothes that fits and not ones that are way too big for them. The focus should be on the baby and not the clothes.

Bonus Tip: Keeping your baby happy will enable you to get the most amazing pictures. All of this preparation is to bring us to the happy baby place when they are fed, burped, changed, warm and sleeping.

Getting professional pictures with the props, blankets, wraps, hats and bows in a warm room while your newborn sleeps when they are 5-10 days old is something every parent should consider. A professional photographer will know how to achieve these pictures and capture some pictures with the parents as well. These pictures will be timeless images that will be cherished forever.

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