Top 5 Tips for Professional Headshots

Headshot Photography


A professional headshot picture is the most important part of your profile, especially on social media sites. One headshot photo depicts who you are and is often the first impression people have of you.

As the saying goes, you've got 10 seconds to make a first impression when you meet someone. With social media, most people get a “soft” introduction long before meeting you in person. Make those first few seconds count and set a good “first” impression, with a great profile photo.

Having a great professional headshot is key for both your professional and your personal profiles. Nowadays, people Google someone before meeting them for the first time. Google search results reveal both personal and professional images. Even employers view potential employee’s personal profiles before making a hiring decision. In today’s world of social media, everyone needs a professional headshot.

Here are my top 5 recommendations on professional headshots:

1. Clothing: The focus of the photos should be on you and not what you are wearing. Stay away from bright colors and busy patterns. Choose solid colors and keep it simple.

2. Get Enough Rest: Get plenty of rest the day before your photo session. You will be amazed how wonderful your skin will look when you get enough sleep. Your eyes will look brighter when you’re well rested.

3. Drink Water: Drink plenty of water several days before your session. Water will hydrate and moisturize your skin. Try to avoid alcohol if possible as it will de-hydrate you. The best moisturizer in the world is water.

4. Hair and Make-up: For women, get your hair and make-up done professionally. You will feel more confident after having your makeup and hair done. For men, have your hair cut several days before your session. For most men, their hair appears best about one week after a haircut.

5. Go Professional: Schedule a session with a professional photographer and don’t cut corners. A professional photographer understands lighting, angles, color, equipment and backgrounds. A professional photographer will help you relax and work to make you comfortable in front of the camera. Your photographer will apply the proper techniques to bring out your best look and create the best image of you.

Bonus Tip: Have fun. Remember this is your headshot session and you should bring your personality to your session. You’ll get great pictures of who you are, and your personality will shine through in the pictures.

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